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Deepesh & Komal

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     Deepesh & Komal

Back in 2015, April 22nd, Wednesday afternoon while watching RCB vs MI, I received a notification, it read - ‘Deepesh Jain has accepted your friend request’.

I met Deeps for the first time in 2011 at a summer camp where he was mostly famous for being the most annoying child on camp. Despite being from the same group, having lived in the same room (for almost 4 nights), we never spoke and were not in contact until I saw him on my sister’s Snapchat. By the way this was four years later. He seemed different. Of course I wanted to know more about him, and the only thing that came to my mind was Facebook. Back then, FB was the only go-to platform to search for familiar faces, little did I know that I had found my soulmate.

Almost 6 incredible years filled with happiness and tears, long phone calls, scooty rides, color co-ordinated outfits for lunch dates, photographing tonnes of memories, buying gifts for each other, watching movies at theatres, giving the lovely flowers, waiting outside the college to have that 5-min conversation before we headed back to work and much much more. Of course there were also some sad days, some hard, unspoken nights (but all it took was one message after those fights to bring things back to normal)...and since then life’s been pretty good!

All I want to express Deeps is that WE’VE MADE IT! We’ve created a beautiful life for each other where we want to live together. We’ve seen each other grow through the thickest, cry like a baby, laugh like a riot, eat like a monkey, danced like there’s no tomorrow and honestly - that’s all that matters!

However, our constant banter about whether to go to beaches or mountains will go on forever. I love you Deeps, till the end of the time.

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