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Rahul Patwa

 Life is as simple as ‘pause and click’.
Just like words, photographs have the power to make you reminisce an experience and hold onto those memories forever.  I try to channel the same power every day by capturing moments worth remembering.
Over the 8 years of my journey, photography has gifted me a new way to look at life.
To be able to bring out the unsaid words, feelings and stories through mesmerizing photographs is a satisfying and fulfilling experience that I want to live again and again all through my life. I indeed see the world through my lens, and only my photographs are a testament to how magical that vision is.
With time, I have learned to not just take beautiful photographs but also observe people. I have distinct relationship with my clients where I put in the efforts to understand them, their story, hopes and expectations. Keeping all that in mind,
I try to weave a story through photographs that mirror their life.
If you lend me your story, I promise you to make it into art.

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